The Patricia Galloway and Kris Nielsen Foundation

"The Patricia Galloway and Kris Nielsen Foundation supports applied research with a special focus in energy related areas that seek to create innovative products or services which integrate science and engineering with management concepts in the context of global cultures that address sustainability and solve global problems to improve the quality of life for our society."

The Foundation Vision

The Patricia Galloway and Kris Nielsen Foundation was founded in 2009 to assist scientists and engineers in developing creative and innovative ideas that will combine the technical concepts of science and engineering with social management in order to improve the quality of life for all. The Foundation believes that the integration of science and engineering with social management systems will increase the ability of scientists and engineers to compete globally, enhance their ability for innovation, and enable them to become leaders in both industry and government.

The Foundation provides the grantee(s) work facilities and living arrangements located in the mountains of Washington State during the tenure of their grant term, underlying the importance of a location to stimulate creative thinking and in addition to any monetary grant(s) awarded. The Foundation will contribute to the areas of sustainability, global science and engineering issues, and the improvement of the quality of life by:

  • Providing annual grant(s) to selected individual(s) who have earned an advanced degree, preferably a post-doctorate degree in either science or engineering, and who have a specific research idea that will combine management concepts with the intent to take their idea to a product or service resulting in a patent or start-up company;
  • Working with universities to provide research facilities and teaching opportunities to the grantee(s), and to assit them with moving that research to market;
  • Sustaining the patent and/or start up company through a collaborative profit-sharing agreement with the grantee and the collaborating university; and
  • Continuing the relationships with the grantee through advisory boards and the selection of future grantees.

Latest News

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The Foundation History


Unionville Ranch is the home of the Patricia Galloway and Kris Nielsen Foundation. The History of the land that became Unionville Ranch is colorful and dramatic. The land was originally homesteaded in 1883 by Joe Emerick. Nestled in a mountain valley, the ranch provides the facilities, technology and the ambiance that is critical to the kinds of projects that will be funded by The Foundation.

The Foundation believes that the power of place plays an integral part of stimulating innovation and creative thought in research and study. As part of the Foundation grant, successful applicants may receive accommodations in one of the new guest cabins located on the Foundation Campus. The Foundation Campus includes the office of Pegasus Global Holdings, Inc., which may be used by the applicants.

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