Dr. Kris R. Nielsen Lecture Series – April 21, 2016

The Dr. Kris R. Nielsen Lecture Series in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is designed to publicly acknowledge the role of innovation in science and engineering and how it interacts with management to create entrepreneurial ventures that foster social benefits. The Nielsen Lecture Series is the result of the partnership between the Patricia Galloway and Kris Nielsen[…]

Here Comes The Egg

Here Comes The Egg

Here Comes the Egg: “On each page there is a clue, an object may look odd to you. With every one that you discover, a riddle soon becomes uncovered.” A fat hen, ducks, brown bears and elongated elephants star in this delightful book featuring tongue twisters, riddles and hidden images. Children will delight in the[…]

Kris Nielsen

Dr. Kris Nielsen Lecture Series in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The inaugural Dr. Kris Nielsen Lecture featured Gary L. bane, Director, Ocean Systems (retired), Rockwell International. Gary focused his presentation on the connection between creativity and innovation, and shared his experience with a current project in the search for Amelia Earhart. The lecture was free to open to the public, with a reception that followed.[…]

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Is Now the Time to Re-evaluate Where Products Are Manufactured?

China manufactures the majority of the typical products that we (the US population and most of the developed world) purchase, consume and otherwise acquire. Maybe that is not entirely true, especially with autos, as we purchase a great many products from Japan and Europe. But we must recognize that many of the parts that go[…]

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Now Is The Time For Vision And Imagination, And Boards Should Be Leading The Way

My early mentor in the business world was Jim Taylor. Jim shaped a lot of my thinking on the world and internationalism, especially regarding business and the holistic relationship between seemingly unrelated events. When I met Jim he just finished a decade (approximately the 1970’s) at the helm of Booz, Allen & Co. It was[…]

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Mega Projects, Politics and Investment – Are These Concepts Mutually Exclusive?

Public Infrastructure and Energy Infrastructure projects, today’s so-called Mega Projects, require some of the largest engineering and construction investments seen to date. Mega Projects (projects nominally costing $1 Billion and up) are an essential aspect of our economies, improving the quality of our lives while encouraging the kind of constant technological improvements that make our[…]

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Facilitated Negotiations – A Best Practice for Contract Administration?

During the last three years, many projects and programs of projects with which I have been involved have used an increasingly popular and effective contract administration technique called Facilitated Negotiations – especially when the contracting methodology employed was some version of unit price contract or cost reimbursable contract with multiple contractors or a construction manager.[…]